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Your average holiday is boring!

Lindblad posters

Lindblad gets to a deeper level

Lindblad posters

Delivered through print and digital

Lindblad - across digital

Is she safe?

Tribesta Identity

Getting to the core of parental worry

Tribesta App Backgrounds

Our proposition – Know they're safe

tribesta print ads

Tribesta App digital launch

Know they're safe, know now

Wealth Ninja is always on

Wealth Ninja Logo Development

Following the sun, following financial opportunity

Wealth Ninja Homepage Designs

We worked the positioning through digital

Wealth Ninja Branding Assets

and print

Wealth Ninja Book

Recognising a fair and down to earth approach

Growth Fund Website Homepage

We built their brand from the ground up

Growth Fund Print Assets

From name and identity to the everyday

Growth Fund Identity Assets

Rejected and accepted identities

We built brand on patients as people

Positioning total care beyond surgery

On and offline

sbs Brazuka

Bringing you the FIFA World Cup 2014

Engaging fans

Sharing with friends


Engaged sales on an international scale

Staff engaged through internal branding

Global relationship for over 18 years

Over 18 years working across Europe, Asia and ANZ

Delivered up to 800% ROI and 18% response rates

Delivering up to 800% ROI and 18% response rates

Integrated campaigns for maximum momentum

Integrated campaigns through to internal promotions

Introducing a competitive eftpos

Print + digital


Increase social awareness by 20%

Creative by Totem

By creating key visuals that will animate

eftpos Easter campaign creative by Totem

Using simple Facebook creative

Creative by Totem

And a backend system that engaged 150,000 entries

Creative by Totem

Brand building grounded in honesty...

CSA branding

... and self confidence

CSA tagline

from digital...

CSA website

to the customer experience

CSA digital assets

24.5m social impressions & 46,000 FB likes in four weeks

eftpos giveback artwork eftpos giveback artwork

Creative by Totem. Artwork by Warhol & Haring

Absolut creative by Totem

Tactical brand campaign = 7.3 mins of digital engagement

Goodman Signboard & Mobile

Tenfold increase in business in two years

Saxo collateral by totem
David Downing, Global Chief Marketing Officer
Saxo Capital Markets
Jules Ng, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific
DHL Express
Mark Foy, VP Marketing, ANZ